All About Me

Hey there!
My name is Miranda. I'm twenty-five years old, I'm a christian, and I'm a creator.

I used to have dreams of being a full time author. I wanted nothing more than to write books all the time, as much as I possibly could. I wanted a literary agent, a publication deal, to see my books on shelves in stores—all of it. 

But as I started to grow into myself and learn more about the world, my dreams and priorities shifted. I discovered poetry and the release and peace it brings. I fell in love with painting, and drawing, and doodling away on my iPad. I discovered a passion for gardening and animal care, stargazing and terrarium building. I realized that I am more than a writer—I’m a creative soul I’m so many ways and shapes, and I don’t want to devote my entire life to just one thing.

It’s been a hard journey to that realization, but I’m so relieved to have made it. So here I am, using this little corner of the internet to share my creative endeavors. I hope that my words encourage you to try something new, to be kinder to yourself, or to simply put your best foot forward in all you do.

When I'm not nannying full time, you can find me doodling, gardening, caring for my pet mice, or playing Animal Crossing. I basically live at Target, and I really, really (really) love Starbucks.

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Thanks for reading!