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Ocean references. A whimsical afterlife. Shadows filled with monsters.

Genre: YA Contemporary fantasy
Word count: 77k/65k

Final draft complete and OVER WORD COUNT GOAL! *cue confetti and balloons*

Status: In limbo while I decide whether or not to publish it 



Identical triplets. Ghostly mansions. A dark and heavy secret.

Genre: YA contemporary paranormal
Word count: 54k/70k

First draft completed

Status: Adding chapters/tweaking storyline



Lost memories. A kingdom pretending to be a university. Strained sibling relationships. A twist on the chosen one trope.

Genre: YA contemporary fantasy/humor

Status: writing for fun, slowly but surely 


Miranda Kulig Poetry

A collection of poetry, art, and photography live on Instagram!

Breaking into Butterflies

Following an escape from a toxic relationship, Breaking into Butterflies explores heartbreak, insecurity, doubt, and self-discovery through the journey from caterpillar to butterfly.

Length: 150 pages


Paper Planes

In her second poetry collection, Paper Planes, Miranda Kulig compares the ups and downs of life to the flight of a paper airplane. Told in three insightful chapters, this stunning collection includes hand-crafted illustrations alongside poems that will challenge, encourage, and delight.

Length: 130 Pages 

Status: Now Available!

Weeds Also Need Water

With emotions depicted in both word and art, this handwritten collection acts as a journey from breaking to healing as well as an encouragement to those who feel lost, alone, and hopeless. Because sometimes our pain, like the weeds in the garden, need tending, too.

Length: 120 pages