Current Projects

Fiction works:


When Amelia Miller and Sebastian Blake die, they wake up in a strange and beautiful world known as Peace. At first, death does not seem all that bad--until Sebastian is sought by the Ache; a sickness that slowly leads to endless sleep. Afraid to be alone, Amelia convinces Sebastian to venture with her to find a being called Fate, who is rumored to cure the Ache. But as they begin to relive memories from when they were alive, Amelia soon learns that their path to Fate is not only through the darkest parts of Peace, but through her own mind, as well.

Genre: YA Contemporary? Fantasy? Who even knows right now. Definitely not me.

Word count: 50K/65K

Status: Adding words

Poetry collections:

Miranda Kulig Poetry

A collection of poetry, art, and photography live on Instagram! Updated daily.

Breaking into Butterflies (The Poetic Garden series, book one)

Following an escape from a toxic relationship, Breaking into Butterflies explores heartbreak, insecurity, doubt, and self-discovery through the journey from caterpillar to butterfly.

Length: 150 pages


Shattering Glass

Shattering Glass reveals the brutal truth behind the early onset of insecurity and body issues in the minds of young children. I have personally struggled with the number on the scale since I was nine years old, and this collection is my way of working through the every day struggles of weight, self-image, and insecurity.

Estimated length: 150-200 pages

Status: Being written

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