Update! (AKA I'm not dead!)

Hi guys! I'm not dead!
It's been like what, three-ish weeks since I posted? Geez. I am so sorry.
Honestly, I was just super incredibly busy and I am still super incredibly busy (I just started my job yesterday) so I've decided to make this a fun little post about all the awesome but busy things I've done over the past few weeks!

My grandparents' campsite
First, my aunt, uncle, and cousins flew in from Florida on the 5th and stayed with us for the weekend. That Saturday we spent the day out at the campground where my grandparents live in the summer, and this year they rented a spot right on the edge of the lake. It was a gorgeous and amazing day!
Hands-On Museum!
On Monday, we headed downtown to the Hands-On Museum and had a blast with a whole bunch of fun and science-y things. My nephew (who is unashamedly obsessed with bubbles) got to stand in a bubble wand and pull a rope that lifted the wand so a bubble formed around him, and he about died of excitement. It was adorable.
On Tuesday morning, my relatives went home and I planned on using my day to edit and write. But instead, my sister texted me and last-minute asked if I wanted to join her, my brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew for a spontaneous trip to Lake Michigan. Obviously, I said yes! We drove 2 1/2 hours to an adorable little town and had tons of fun at the beach, on the pier, and shopping around the little tourist town.
Lake Michigan

The rest of that week flew by because of something very, very crazy-sounding and spontaneous that was brought to my attention on our way to Lake Michigan. My brother-in-law, who owns his own contracting business, purchased a cement mixer online. As it turns out, the mixer was pick-up only and was located in Maryland, which is just about 9 hours from here. And since his brother lives in DC, my brother-in-law and my sister decided to make a trip out of the whole thing and planned to leave on Saturday night. And since the whole thing was sudden and spontaneous, they invited me to come along.
Now, that Saturday (the 13th) was also the day that I had promised Cassidy (I'm assuming you all know her now. If not, read this) that I would attend her birthday party (Her birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIDY!). So when I mentioned that, my sister just snorted and said, "So bring her with us!"
And so we did. That Saturday, we all piled into my brother-in-law's truck and got to our hotel in Maryland at 4 AM. We spent all day Sunday in DC having an absolute blast and getting soaked in a torrential downpour of glorious rain after walking around in 93 degree heat all day. Monday we met up with more family for lunch on our way home and took the scenic route through the gorgeous mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. We got home at 4 AM Tuesday morning and passed out. It was a really, really amazing adventure!
On Thursday, I spent most of my day at Starbucks finally getting time to edit and send out some emails. Friday we had a bonfire in the backyard, Saturday we attended my friend's grad party and stayed late for another bonfire, Sunday we went back to my grandparent's campsite to spend Father's day on the Lake, and Monday I started my new job as a nanny for an adorable and very intelligent two-year-old little girl.
It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and now that I settle into my work routine I think I'll finally be able to get back to posting twice a week. I hope. :)