3 Fundamental Characteristics of a Great Writing Space

Hey guys! I finally had some time to sit down and write a real post! Yay! This week, I want to talk about writing spaces. More specifically...
But first of all, what is a writing space and why is it important?
A writing space, as you probably guessed, is a space dedicated to your writing. It's a place where you can sit down and write without a care in the world. At least, hopefully. Writing spaces are important because it's a proven fact that, when studying for a big test, having a study place where you sit to specifically study and do homework helps your grades improve. This is the same with a writing space! Creating a specific and special place for writing has the potential to increase your focus level and make sure your attention stays on your writing.
Pictured here are two of my writing spaces. The top picture is the desk in my room, which is my favorite. As you can see, my wall is decorate with lights, photographs, quotes, and a whole bunch of other things that make the space my space. It's also very well-organized, with two calendars and a bunch of books on writing. The bottom picture shows the guest bedroom in my house, where I am currently sitting. This room is quiet, clean, and is cut off from the rest of my house so there's nothing around that can distract me. Both of these spaces are great, because both of them have three things in common. And those are...

1. Cleanliness. If you're anything like me, then you just can't work in a messy space. Being surrounded by a mess is very distracting, and can also stress you out without you even realizing it. In fact, according to what I learned in a study skills class that I took simply because I needed one more credit to graduate, working in a clean space will have better results compared to working in a messy space. Making sure your designated writing area is clean before you begin writing is definitely a way to improve your focus, as well as your surroundings.
2. Free from distractions. When writing, it's almost necessary for me to be alone. When people are around me, I get anxious and constantly wonder if they're looking over my shoulder and reading what I'm writing. That's why I always make sure my writing place is somewhere like my bedroom, where I can close the door, or this guest bedroom, where the doorway has curtains I can close. I also make sure my writing space is free from distractions by making sure there's a wall socket nearby in case I need to plug in my laptop or phone.
3. Quiet. I don't know about you, but I can't work when there's tons of noises around me. If people are talking or the TV is on or loud music is playing, I just can't focus! That's why I prefer a writing space that is quiet or only has minimal sounds, like a clock ticking. It also helps to have headphones nearby so you can either listen to your own music, rain sounds, or static (my current favorite is this white noise for long term memory improvement). I use white noise and rain sounds because they're light and have no lyrics, so it's very easy for me to drown the sounds out and focus completely on my writing.
Writing spaces are good things to have, especially if you don't have a lot of time to sit down and write every day. Usually when I set aside a day to sit in my writing space and work, I get a lot of things done and feel so accomplished afterwards.
So what's your writing space like? Does it include the three fundamental characteristics I talked about?

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14