It's Finals Week!

It's finals week. Or weekS, I guess I should say. Technically my last day of the semester isn't until next Thursday. BUT my professors thought it would be fun to make these final days of school as stressful and loaded with work as possible! Yay!
I'm planning to post on schedule, but if I don't, you now know why. Currently I have a math quiz to tackle, a chapter of work for my computer class to finish, a presentation to outline for, another presentation to prep for, and a third presentation to finalize. And on top of that, I've set a new writing goal for myself. Oh boy.
Sometime within the last week or so, I posted about setting manageable goals. Since then, I have decided to attempt to finish my current WIP, The Rosewood Does Not Lie, by next June.
Why, yes--I am still working on editing Unperfected again. And yes, I am also working on starting to edit the second book in that series! Buuut I really miss buckling down and writing a new story, you know? Hence the goal to finish my new book (also hence why I'm giving myself until June to do it).
My biggest focus right now is to just get the words down and word vomit each chapter. But since I've been in editing mode for the past year, this is extremely difficult for me to do. I needed motivation, and in order to get motivation I needed to organize some sort of writing plan. So I went on Google.
And I hit the jackpot.
I found an awesome site called Pacemaker--an online writing schedule tool that lets you create a custom schedule for tons of different writing ventures. Guys, this site is amazing. Just look!
Pacemaker keeps track of the date, number of words you need to write vs how many you've written, and how many words you need to write before your project is complete. It's so organized I want to cry.

And on top of that, it's extremely customizable! You can change the intensity, make your workload harder or easier on certain days, change the calendar so you won't be scheduled to write on certain days (like holidays) and more! I'm super excited to have found such an awesome writing tool. Hopefully some of you will get some use out of it!
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my word count goals despite finals going on. Just gotta power through and make it to Thursday! If I disappear from the internet until then, I'm terribly sorry. I'll more than likely have drowned in a pile of school papers.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13