One Year Blogiversary!

I know what you're thinking. Why am I posting on a Wednesday? And more importantly, why have I not posted in like two weeks??
Well, these last few weeks have been my (much needed) semester break. And they were exactly what they sound like--a break. But now I'm back despite that I'm still technically on break until the new semester starts on Tuesday, and I'm posting today because today marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BLOG! :D *throws confetti*

Wow... one year? Already? That's insane. It seems like just yesterday I was arguing with myself about whether or not to jump into the blogging world and actually stick with it. Because while I had made three other blogs before this one, I never actually posted anything. Ever.
And now look at where we are! I may not have as many posts as I planned, my blog is not insanely popular or trending, and my follower count is not exactly huge (though not exactly small, either!) but I've gotta say, it's been a pretty great first year of blogging. And hopefully there will be many more great years of blogging to come!

So why did I start this blog?
I've always liked the idea of having a blog. It seemed like something that would be good for me, a budding writer, to have. The problem was that I had no idea what my first post would be! Just like I struggle with first chapters, I struggled forever with a first post. I made two blogs on Wordpress but deleted them without posting a thing. I made another blog through here, but deleted that, too. But finally, last January, I thought, "It's a new year... might as well start now." And thus, Dreams and Dandelions was born.
What's been the most fun part of blogging?
Showcasing my personality, inspiring others, and making friends! Like most writers, I express myself best through writing. So to be able to have a little corner of the internet all to myself that I can customize and pour out my heart on is pretty satisfying.
What's been the most challenging part of blogging?
Posting. On. Schedule. I am a major procrastinator, so I usually wait to write a post until the last second. I also tend to struggle with coming up with topics for posts, and sometimes I just can't think of anything to write about!
What have I learned about myself through blogging?
This part was the most unexpected for me. When I started this blog, I had no idea I would learn new things about myself along the way. But I have, and that makes me happy! Through my experiences with blogging, I have learned that I have the power to inspire people just by sharing my stories, thoughts, and ideas, and that's pretty cool! Nothing will ever compare to how amazing it feels to be called an inspiration by a total stranger.
What are my goals for 2016?
  •  Post more regularly
  •  Potentially start posting book reviews
  •  Tackle the 20+ books on my shelf that have yet to be read
  •  Finish Unperfected completely
  •  Start querying agents again
  •  Self-publish something??

Like I said before, it's been a great year of blogging and I can't wait to see what this next year holds in store. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my wonderful followers and readers! Without you, none of this would even matter. Thanks for a great first year of blogging! :D