Change Can Be Good! (An Update on My Weekend and My Writing)

As I mentioned last Tuesday, this past weekend I had planned a spur of the moment trip to Lake Michigan with my sister, her husband, and their two kids. I was super excited!
Buuut it didn't end up happening because of weather. I love rain, but not at the beach. No thank you.
But thanks to the internet and weather websites and the people who keep track of this stuff, we knew it was going to be rainy well before we actually left. So instead of just cancelling our weekend plans, we completely changed them. Instead of spending this past Friday to Saturday at Lake Michigan, I spent Friday through Sunday in the beautifully sunny Kentucky. It was a change I didn't expect, but it ended up being a really amazing time. And because I like to make connections for everything, I'm going to compare this to writing. But first, pictures!

Welp. I could only fit three. Whatever. We left on Friday afternoon and got to my brother-in-law's family's home around eleven that night. They live in a beautiful home on some very beautiful property, as you can see in the bottom picture. Saturday we spent most of the day out and about shopping, and though it was very sunny and warm, it was very windy. Like, to the point that JC Penney lost power when we were checking out. The employees had to run around with a sticky note gathering the prices for everyone's purchases, and then charge everything as credit. It was crazy, but pretty funny! On Sunday we all went out to lunch at a restaurant in the Old Town Amish Store, which was very adorable and very fun! After that we piled back into the car and made the long drive back to good old Michigan. It wasn't the trip to the lake that I was excited for, but it was still so much fun!
Now for the writing connection.
As most of you know, I'm in the process of experimenting with rewriting Unperfected and making it dual POVs rather than just one. I outlined my plans for all the chapters a while ago, but every time I would go to begin writing, I would freeze. The task seemed too daunting, and too crazy, and too hard. I knew the story needed this change, but I was so afraid to do it!
But I had to, so I did. I attempted to write a new chapter two from Tripp's POV rather than Avalon's, and to my surprise, it completely opened up my eyes. It's like I'm breathing new air! I have new ideas, new worldbuilding techniques, and new plans for the plot. Taking this leap and testing out something new has given me the ability to see my story in a new light, and it's amazing!
I didn't expect to ditch my plans for Lake Michigan, and I did not expect that switching to two POVs would bring me brand new inspiration and ideas, but in the end, both of these things turned into something great! I know I talk about accepting change and unexpected things a lot on this blog, but I seriously mean it. Don't be afraid to try something new in your book! Change is good and healthy, and it might just be exactly what you and your story need.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9