I Love my Followers Giveaway!

First things first: I am SO sorry.
 I wanted this summer to be a super productive summer during which I finished Unperfected and posted twice a week, every week. Clearly neither of these things have happened.
I haven't been very on top of things with this blog lately. Posting has become very scarce and inconsistent. I hardly posted at all in July, and this is my first post of August. Yikes.
Honestly,  I just haven't had the time to sit down and write anything. Between working, finishing up my summer semester, and helping my sister and her husband move, I just haven't had free time! My laptop has had a layer of dust on it for weeks, which is so weird. My laptop is my baby and usually never sits untouched long enough to collect dust!
And I promise you, I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've actually been very stressed about this blog.
I care about my followers (a lot) and I feel bad leaving you all hanging like this when you expect to get posts. I was really hoping to get my follower and page view count up this summer, too, but if I can't post, that won't happen.
Or so I thought.
The other day I decided to check on my stats for last month, expecting to see a huge plummet in page views. But I didn't. Instead, I saw that last month my blog had the most page views it has ever gotten! You guys are amazing!
Seriously--that was such an encouragement to see. I've been getting so many great comments about how so many of you like this blog and are inspired by me or my words, and I can't even tell you how amazing that is. Just when I feel like I'm failing, I get a ton of encouragement.
So, to thank all of you (and to apologize for the lack of posts), I decided it's about time I hosted a giveaway! From today until Friday, you guys are all welcome to enter for a chance to win a $20 eGift Card to Barnes & Noble. The gift card will be sent to you through e-mail, and can be used in stores or online.
You must be following this blog (subscribed by email) in order to participate because I will be sending the gift card to the e-mail you subscribed with! I will be camping all this weekend, so the winner will be announced next Tuesday.
Thank you again to all my amazing followers. I know I'm not a perfect blogger and I don't post as often as I should, but all of your uplifting comments are what push me to keep going. Thank you all! :) 

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  1. Well you know you have a good blog when you get tons of views even when you're inactive! I really enjoy your blog and you give out some great writing tips. I understand not always having the time to update as much as you'd like. Life can keep you very busy. This is a really nice thing to do for your followers!

  2. I love reading your blog, and every time one of your new posts pop up in my inbox it brings a smile to my face! I wish you luck with your various projects, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we prefer quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts.

  3. This is awesome! So nice of you to do this! My favorite writing program is Grammarly, its really great for checking for punctuation errors and the like! (Saved a lot of time in proofreading and editing with this!). I really enjoy the iced chai latte from starbucks, (Its obviously my favorite tea too ha ha!) For good 'ol paper and pencil writing, I LOVE Micro Line Studio Series pens <3. They're excellent for ink sketching too! (Actually got these from Barnes and Noble in the first place:)
    Once again! This is such an awesome thing for you to do! Love your blog, definitely worth the wait every time ;)Sorry for such a long comment ha ha. I tend to drone on a bit. :/ :)

  4. Hi Miranda! You're blog is great, thanks for the raffle! This is a neat idea. My favorite tea is green, I like it best iced :3

  5. I got so excited when I saw you were back!! :) (cue nostalgic sigh) I remember when I first clicked through to your character death blog post from Pinterest... :) Love you!

  6. Awesome idea!! I would live at Barnes & Noble if they had comfier chairs. :) I only drink herbal tea, and my favorite is camomile with honey and a little bit of milk. Totally relaxing.

  7. I know the feeling - I struggled to keep up with my blog this summer too. But I always love reading your posts! If it's any encouragement, I used to share your posts with my high school writing group (I only say "used to" because I have since graduated and am no longer in that group, otherwise I'm sure I'd still be sharing them!)

    Keep up the great work, and I hope things get easier for you soon!

    (Also, my favorite tea is raspberry)

  8. I'm picky about my pens, and love to use a fine point colored pen (pink, green, lavender and more) for everything from sticky notes and to-do lists to poems!

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  10. I love Starbucks iced latte.


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