21 Things About Me

Hey guys! I realized the other day that I haven't done a fun "about me" post in a long time (three years, actually) and with the addition of new followers, I thought it would be a good time to tell you guys a little more about myself.
And so, (in no particular order) here are 21 things about me!

1. One of the first stories I ever wrote was based on Kim Possible: So the Drama.

Ah Kim Possible. So the Drama was easily the coolest movie of 2005. I was in third grade when it premiered, and I was seriously obsessed with it! So when my teacher assigned us to write a story that she would "publish" (she had one of those binding machines that could put a spiral binding through laminated pages) I immediately decided to write a story about a girl named Kim who had just recently defeated some ninjas and now had to stop a missile that was heading straight for her house. In reality, she does absolutely nothing but go outside, see the missile get set off course because of some telephone wires, and then watches the missile crash into her kitchen but not explode. I was very, very proud of it and I still have my "published" book of it to this day.

2. My favorite constellation is Orion.

3. I love makeup!

I started wearing makeup when I was in ninth grade (just mascara and eyeshadow) but by the time I was sixteen, I started enjoying playing around with concealer and foundation, too. Then when I was eighteen, I was introduced to highlighter and pink lipstick, and I haven't looked back. I love makeup because it's a really fun way for me to express myself through different looks and styles.
My (chaotic) makeup station!

Some of my favorite looks

3. I'm fascinated by rocks and gemstones.

4. My favorite gemstone is Opal (it's also my birthstone)

5. I really love Starbucks

My favorite drinks are mocha lattes (hot), caramel macchiatos (iced), and Horchata Almondmilk Frappucinos.

6. I have a fish that can't swim (FISH EXPERTS, PLEASE ASSIST)

His name is Gerald. I got him when I had blue hair because we were both blue. He's been healthy for the past year, but recently he had a fungal infection that I treated with Tetra Fungus Guard tablets. Since then, he has been a very lazy fish and basically just chills at the bottom of the tank all day. Every so often he'll struggle to get to the top of the tank to get some air, but after a few seconds of trying he tires out and falls back to the bottom of the tank. He won't eat, either. Honestly, I'm shocked he's still alive because he's been like this for a month. Still, he is my little Gerald Fitzgerald and I love him dearly. If you happen to be a betta fish owner/expert, and help would be appreciated! I'm at a loss.

7. I was published at age 10

I was selected as part of a poetry contest to be included in a Pine Tree poetry book, which I still have today! My poem was called "Jellybeans."

8. My sister is a cosmetologist, so my hair hasn't been its natural color in like... eight years.

There is a six year gap between my sister and I, so when I was younger and she was in Cosmetology school, I became her little practice person. She would give me hand massages, manicures, and color my hair. I've had light brown hair, light brown with blonde highlights, light brown with blonde and red highlights, red hair, dark brown hair, brown with pink, green, blue, and purple in it, brown hair with blue ends, brown hair with purple ends, etc. She has also cut my hair using a razor!
My sister (Kristin) and me and my many different hair colors!

9. I am very sentimental.

Meaning I have boxes of old photos, papers, journals, old stories, and things from growing up. I even have the very first tooth I ever lost as a kid because I am WEIRD, OKAY?

10. I can sing Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in Portuguese.

This is because the little boy I nanny for is learning both English and Portuguese (and a little Chinese, as well) so I learn some words along with him! And this song is his absolute favorite, so I learned it pretty quickly.

11. I love to paint.

Though I'm not the best artist, I really love dabbling in painting. I love abstract art and get a lot of enjoyment out of blending colors and creating beautiful patterns on a canvas. I also find it very relaxing! Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I've done:

12. I had to be pulled out of the deep end of a pool by a lifeguard when I was little.

13. I love standing in the middle of very quiet and very green forests.

14. I ate a piece of seaweed while kayaking on the Pacific Ocean (tip: don't. It's salty and gross.)

15. I once got locked in a bathroom at a Lego Land discovery center.

We were there for my nephew's birthday, and when I closed the stall door I noticed the lock was kind of weird and the door wouldn't stay shut. The bathroom was crowded, so I finally just shoved the lock down and it stayed. Unfortunately, when I tried to open it again, it was completely stuck. At first I thought it was funny, but after a few minutes of standing there trying to get it unstuck, I started to panic slightly. And to make matters worse, I hadn't brought my phone in with me! I was just about to crawl under the stall (or work up the courage to ask other people in the bathroom for help) when I finally managed to get it unstuck!

16. I collect Dr. Seuss books

17. I was (basically) forced to overcome my fear of singing in public.

In high school, I took drama class because I loved acting. While our small class was trying to choose a play to do that year, someone suggested we do a musical for once. And when my teacher asked who could sing, all of my friends cried "MIRANDA CAN!"
My cheeks were so red and hot you could have melted ice cubes on them. I immediately explained that I had a decent voice but singing in front of people terrified me, and my teacher said that if I can't do it then we won't have enough singers to do a musical. Needless to say, it pressured me enough into saying yes and I ended up as Princess Philomena in our production of That's Princess... with a Pea!
I learned a lot about controlling my voice as well as my fear, and now six years later (holy crAP WHAT) I sing on stage every Sunday during worship at church!

18. I once ate an entire order of Hungry Howie's Cinnamon Bread by myself and it was one of the best life choices I ever made.

19. I won a giveaway online that I randomly saw on Facebook.

I wasn't even sure if the giveaway was legitimate, but the prizes were awesome so I decided to enter--and I won! A few weeks later I got a box with a dinosaur onesie, a $30 pizza hut gift card, a free 6 months of Spotify gift card, sunglasses, and notebooks. It was awesome.

20. I am obsessed with La Croix (my favorite is passionfruit!)

21. I have over 400 glow in the dark dots on my ceiling that make it look like the night sky when the lights are off.

It's awesome, and it blows my niece and nephew's minds!

So there you have it! 21 Things About Me that you might not have known before! As always, if you enjoyed this post, please take a minute to check out the rest of the blog! And if you like what you see, subscribe to never miss a post again!
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and accomplish all of your writing goals!