My Favorite Writing Sites - Great for finding faces for characters, scenes for settings, and words for
inspiration. - Really helpful tool for making cool pins from your pictures and writing. - Pretty much speaks for itself. - Helps you figure out the word that's on the tip of your tongue, along with a bunch of other stuff. - Plays constant rain sounds. This is my favorite thing to write to. - Basically a giant database for finding the right literary agent for you. - List of a bunch of agencies and publishers along with whether or not they are legitimate or recommended. UPDATE: unfortunately, this site has been discontinued! However, I'm leaving the link as it leads to a list of similar sites. - Probably my favorite writing blog ever. - Allows you to create a family tree for free. - Comes in handy for naming characters and finding meanings of names. - Another great site for finding character names. - Helpful site, lots of information. - Another extremely helpful site that I love.

Web MD Symptom Checker - Lets you click on parts of the human body and choose from a list of symptoms. Then you'll be given a list of possible sicknesses or injuries based on the symptoms you chose. Really, really helpful if you want to hurt a character! - AKA sounds to write to - the Ultimate Fiction Writing Guide, basically a site with tons of great links and articles to check out! - Great resource full of information, tips, and tricks for beginning writers!