Liebster Award Nomination!

Hey guys! Today I am very excited to announce that I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Anastasia Cross. Thanks, Ana!
The Liebster Award (according to Google) is a "peer-nominated blogging award, typically given to new bloggers in order to encourage interaction, and to promote recognition of each others' work." Well cool. Now for the rules!

So, here's the questions from Ana's post that I will now answer!
1. What is one of the best characters, in your opinion, ever (that you created if you're a writer, if not from book/movie/etc)? THIS IS REALLY HARD. I LOVE ALL OF MY BABIES EQUALLY.
2. Who is your favorite villain ever? Why? Owen Chris Clarke from The Archived by Victoria Schwab. He's one of those villains that doesn't start out as a villain, so you fall in love with him and then BAM--he's evil. It's fantastic.
3. What is one of your darkest secrets? I cheated on a test in sixth grade and I felt immensely guilty for it after and told my mom. I don't really have dark secrets, people. I am an innocent peach. *grins suspiciously*
4. Do you enjoy showering or is it an inconvenience? SHOWERS ARE MY FAVORITE. It's weird, actually... I was just talking about this the other day with a friend. I adore showers. They're relaxing, the acoustics are great, and I always get my best and evilest ideas in the shower.
5. What is your top 5 favorite writing blogs? Go Teen Writers, Helping Writers Become Authors, Raychel Rose, Hannah Heath, and Paper Fury. All of you are fantastic.
6. Do you prefer cake or ice cream? Pie or cheesecake? Ice cream, cheesecake. But not at the same time. That's just wrong. (Unless it's cheesecake flavored ice cream. That crap is delicious.)
7. What kind of books do you like to read the most? Sci-fi and fantasy. Shocking, right?
9. How lame are these questions? Very not lame, actually. I'm highly enjoying myself here.
10. Do you approve or disapprove of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.? Approve. A lot. I'm addicted.
11. Long hair or short hair? Dyed or natural? Straight or curly? What do you prefer/have? I have medium/long hair, it's dyed (red with blonde highlights right now, but my roots are just awful. I'm going to dye it violet-red soon and add some lighter purple peek-a-boo highlights) and my hair is half straight, half wavy. My sister is a cosmetologist and does hair out of her apartment, so I am (and have been for many years) her guinea pig for new colors and styles. It's quite fun.

Okay, those questions were fantastic. Now for 11 random facts about me!
1. Currently I'm typing this while sitting at a bonfire with some friends.
2. Introverted and proud. (See #1)
3. I drive a red Ford Focus named Charlotte.
4. I am a nanny through and my job rocks
5. I kissed a frog in fifth grade
6. I am slightly obsessed with make-up
7. I have seen every episode of Barbie Life in the Dream House that's available on Netflix. (Hey, my nephew loves it!)
8. My current show obsession is Gravity Falls
9. This is the first time that I've actually tanned during the summer. I'm quite proud.
10. I prefer Crayola Gel FX crayons more than any other crayon
11. I ADORE the sky. Like, it seriously amazes me. Sunrises, sunsets, stars, clouds, etc. It's all amazing. AND MY BROTHER-IN-LAW JUST INTRODUCED ME TO THE SKY MAP APP AND I AM FREAKING THE CRAP OUT. (why yes I am still sitting at this bonfire thank you for asking)

Okay, while I do know 11 other bloggers, pretty much everyone I know has already received this award. SO I'm going to bend the rules a bit and nominate less than 11.
I nominate:
Amy @ Scribbles of a Writing Maverick
Abby@ Writing Abby
Susannah @ Tea with Tumnus
Jennifer @ Within the Ivory Palace
Zoe @ The Zoe Gallagher Blog

Okay, I tried to get to seven (because seven rhymes with eleven and in my mind that's close enough) but it turned out that my last two bloggers already accepted the Liebster Award a few weeks ago. So, I'm nominating five. Sue me.

Here are my 11 questions for you:
1. What genre is your favorite to read/write?
2. If you could have breakfast with one fictional character, who would it be and what would you eat?
3. Would you rather jump out of an airplane or bungee jump? Why?
4. What's your biggest fear?
5. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
6. What is the worst book you've ever read?
7. What are you wearing right now?
8. Which of your characters resembles you the most (if any)?
9. What's your ideal vacation?
10. How long have you been blogging?
11. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

And there you have it! Thank you again to Anastasia for nominating me! :)