An Update on Me (Post-Wisdom Teeth) and a New Post Series!

Hey guys! I know I said on Twitter I wouldn't be posting this week since I had surgery to get my wisdom teeth out yesterday, buuut I figured I'd give everyone a little update. Also, I'm planning to start a new post series next week, so I'll go into the details about that!

So. I've honestly been dreading getting my wisdom teeth out since I was in eighth grade. I've never had any sort of surgery, I've never been put under, and I've never had an IV or even my blood drawn. I HATE needles, you guys. Haaate them.
I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out in December, but a few months ago I was having some pain at the back left side of my jaw, and a few days later I looked in my mouth and went "...Oh. Well crap. That's a tooth coming in." Needless to say, my mom bumped my appointment up ASAP.
Yesterday morning, I was definitely nervous. Thankfully, the assistants there were super nice and caring, and they made me feel a lot better. Of course, when it came to the IV, my doctor had a lot of trouble finding my veins. The only place he could find one? My hand. Yay. Surprisingly, though, the IV was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be!
Once the IV was in, everyone was literally just standing there waiting for me to fall asleep. Which, to be honest, actually made me anxious! I didn't feel sleepy at all, and I kept wondering if it would ever hit me. What if I didn't fall asleep? What if this stuff didn't work on me? What if I was too anxious for it to work? Was that possible? What if--
I swear, you guys, I blinked and suddenly my face was numb and there was a bunch of gauze in my mouth. A lady behind me kept telling me to take a deep breath every so often, and my eyelids were too heavy to keep them open. I did open my eyes a few times when the lady behind me took off my heart monitor and took the IV out of my hand, covering up the spot with a spiderman band-aid that I immediately thought my nephew would think was awesome (which he did!) I woke up a little more when the nice nurse assistants asked me to sit up so they could take me back to my mom. That was when I noticed that one of my fingernails no longer had nail polish on it, which I (for some reason) found very, very concerning.
I asked where my nail polish was, and one of the assistants very sweetly explained to me that the finger monitor thing (whatever it's called) couldn't get a reading through my dark purple nail polish, so they had to take it off of that nail.
My response? "But I . . . I worked really hard on my naaiills!"
They were very apologetic :)
They wheeled me out to my mom, and the first thing I said to her was about how upset I was about my nail polish being taken off. Honestly, the weirdest part about all of this was the fact that I was definitely very aware of my surroundings. Nothing was hazy or dream-like, as I thought it would be. In fact, I was 100% convinced that I was perfectly aware and alert and could even sit down and edit my book or go take a drive if I wanted to. But that was definitely not that case XD
Apparently, I was very whiny and stuck on three topics: 1. My face was very numb, 2. I wanted chocolate ice cream (PLAIN chocolate. Nothing in it. Just chocolate.) and 3. My nail polish was gone on only one finger and I worked REALLY HARD on my nails.
Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of myself, but I do have these amusing little texts I sent Cassidy and my sister, Kristin!

The rest of the day I spent coming off of the anesthesia, eating food, and discovering that pain meds are an amazing gift from above.
Why yes, that thing on my hand is my spiderman band-aid. Lovely, isn't it?
And now here I am, day two, and definitely starting to get the chubby cheeks. Yay. But, I am alive, I have survived, and now I'm sitting in bed eating mashed potatoes and watching Les Miserables. Awesomesauce.
So, that's the update on me. Now to explain the new series I'm planning!
According to the blog survey, a lot of you guys would like some posts about querying! I've been brainstorming some posts for a while, and finally I thought, why not just make a series of posts about querying? Welp, now I have. Starting next Tuesday, I will be beginning the "How to Start Querying" 5-part series!
This series (I hope) will be helpful to all you great writers out there who want to start querying now ( or sometime in the future) but have no idea where to even begin. Well look no further! I'll be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to begin querying in an organized and clean manner.
Well, that's all I've got for you guys today. I gotta go ice my face. :)