I'm Back!

Hello my lovely readers! I have missed you all!
Thank you to everyone who wrote me asking if I was quitting the blogging world. Your concern means so much! No, I am not quitting. This last semester of college was extremely stressful and the work load was insane. It became clear pretty quickly that attempting to keep up with writing and blogging along with all of my classwork would result in a major decline of my grades. Sorry guys, but I had to put my education first. Then came Christmas and New Years, and now here I am!
I'm back, the semester is over, and I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE! *cue confetti and balloons* I have officially completed my Associates in Arts and it still doesn't feel real. In fact a lot of people I know are starting new semesters this week and I keep having mini panic moments because I keep forgetting I'm done with school. (Although I do keep getting the typical "what are you going to do next" question. Please don't ask.)
Anyway, a quick update on my life: Since I last posted, I have turned 20, re-outlined and plotted the whole second half of Unperfected, finished read-throughs with my fabulous beta reader and, like I said above, graduated college. I also just recently purchased my third betta fish (may the previous two bettas RIP) and his name is Gerald.
I will soon be re-working my work schedule with the family I nanny for which will then allow me to create a writing schedule for myself. Then it's back at it I go!
I'm super excited about some of the changes I've made to the story. After a serious plotting sleepover with my cousin Cassidy, we were able to go through the book chapter-by-chapter and pick out which chapters were the ones causing issues. We added more subplots and character development, and I'm really looking forward to writing again! Gosh, I miss it!
I'm also looking forward to keeping up with this blog again. I realized the other day that I missed posting on my two year blogiversary, so happy belated blogiversary to me! Last year was definitely not as productive as I was wanting it to be, but what can I say? Life happens.
This year, though, I'm hoping to post much more consistently and the fact that I am only working now should really help with that.
Thank you again to everyone who voiced their concern about me quitting blogging. It seriously means so much!