How to Refresh Your Writing Space

Hey guys! Today I wanted to do something kind of fun to show you what my workspace is like, and potentially give you some ideas on what to include around your writing area to give it a fresher, more organized feel.
I am definitely one of those writers who needs a dedicated space to write (although I will admit I just switched from having a loft bed to a floor-level bed so my workspace has totally been my bed for the past week) so my desk is a very important space for me. I like to keep it clean, organized, and pleasing to the eye. And since I spend a lot of my time at my desk, I invested in a corner desk last year and it was easily the best decision I ever made. (So. Much. Room.)
On to the tour!
(Sorry for the bright window. It was weirdly sunny when I took this)
This is my desk--where I write these posts, my books, poetry--everything, basically. Some may say it's crowded, but it's actually very spacious! (If you are curious, I bought this corner desk from amazon) As you can see, I have various wall decorations as well as other little trinkets and useful things I use for inspiration. 

This is my mini library, and it's one of my favorite parts of my desk. The white three-drawer set on the left is from a flea market and is super old and awesome. On top I have some decorative old books, an anatomical frame of a dandelion that my cousin got me (and I adore) an aloe plant, a Moana shell, and a tiny panda eraser that I will probably never use to erase anything. 
My library is clearly packed with a bunch of things, from textbooks to reference books to notebooks to poetry books. I would go through each of these books individually, but I'm planning on doing a post about my favorite reference books on Tuesday, so watch out for that! (Also, please acknowledge the beautiful painting I received from the three-year-old I nanny for. It's precious.)
Moving on!

This is my inspiration section. The painting on the very left was done by my sister's mother-in-law (shoutout to Lori. You are amazing!) Then I have a Starbuck's cup of pens as well as some little notepads. The corkboard on the wall is covered in notes of random ideas I had, as well as a few necklaces that remind me of something one of my characters would wear (and yes, that is a paper plate with a map drawn on it. I needed something circular and I happened to be eating breakfast at my desk. Don't judge) Below the corkboard is a sign I got from Hobby Lobby, and next to that is an old collection of rocks I got from an antique store. I have the rocks and gemstones there for inspiration as some of my characters have magical capabilities based off of different kinds of gemstones. I got the skeleton keys hanging above the rocks from a flea market and thought they would be an awesome reference object (and they are.)

Finally, we have the right end of my desk where I keeps some cute plants in teapots and cups (because why not.) That big statue thing is in fact a peacock. My brother got it as a lamp from Goodwill and planned to resell it, but it was broken. So, we cut off the lamp portion and I stuck it on my desk because I think it's pretty and it fits in very well! Then I have my calendar (which I can't live without) and that little sign my mom got me that says "this is my happy place" because it's true. My desk is definitely my happy place.

So that's my writing space! It's taken me a while to collect all of these things, but I've definitely found it to be a worthwhile investment.
If you look back through the tour, you might notice that there are three main elements to my workspace that make it a refreshing place to write: organization, inspiration, and accommodation. These are super important when making the most out of your writing space--whether you write at a desk or not.

1. Organization. 
As you could see in the pictures, my desk is very organized and everything has a place. Wherever your writing space may be, make sure it's organized! If you're writing in a coffee shop, take a look at the bag you probably brought with you. Organize it. Give your notebooks and pens a place. Make sure your laptop and charger have places. If you write on your bed, keep the things around you neat and organized. Basically, make sure everything you need is in a clean and dedicated space so nothing gets lost.

2. Inspiration. 
Make sure the place you write is full of things to inspire you. If you write at a desk, you could keep rocks and necklaces and keys around like I do. If you write outside, write somewhere with a pretty view, if you can. The simple thing about the inspiration element is that writers can get inspired by almost anything, so as long as you don't lock yourself in a dark little box to write, you're probably good.

3. Accomodation. 
By accommodation, I mean make sure your writing space works for you. For example, I prefer to write alone at my desk with my door shut, and as soon as someone comes in I lose my focus. But I also am able to write at my campus's busy library--as long as I bring headphones that help me shut the world out. Others writers I know are able to write with the TV on or with people chattering all around them. Whatever your preference, make sure your writing space accommodates your needs and is a space that helps you write, and not hinders you.

If you've been thinking about revamping your writing space, I highly recommend you go for it. It's important to take the time to invest in the place you write--especially if you plan on making writing a career. Hopefully the tour of my desk as well as these three elements will help you refresh your writing space!

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of my desk! Is there anything you think I should add? What's a typical writing space like for you? Comment below!