Introducing Writing Spark Saturday!

I know, I know--you probably have questions. Why does the blog look different? And why am I posting on a Saturday? Well, in short, I decided it was time for a change and gave my site a little refreshing update, and I've decided to start posting on Saturdays now to add a bit of fun to the blog. Introducing Writing Spark Saturday!

What exactly is Writing Spark Saturday?
WSS is a fun way to take a break from your current project and write for fun. Every Saturday I will be posting some kind of writing challenge (such as a prompt or game) for you guys to respond to. I will try to always post my own response to the spark, though as you all know my schedule can get pretty busy, so I can't promise I will post my response every single week.

How can I participate?
Simple! Just check the blog (or your e-mail if you're subscribed) on Saturday to see what the spark is. Then write whatever that spark inspires you to write! In addition, if you would like to share what you have written, send it to me in an e-mail! I would love to read what you guys come up with, and if I like it enough I might share it here on the blog!

Why did you come up with Writing Spark Saturday?
As a writer myself, I know how invested we can get into our big novels and projects; sometimes to the point that writing isn't even fun anymore. It's just work.
My hope is that WSS will bring the fun back into writing by allowing you guys to take a break and be creative with different ideas. It is so, so important to take a step back from the work side of writing and just let yourself be creative without worrying so much about word usage, grammar, etc. Just write!

Today's Spark
For today's spark, I decided to dig up a line my creative writing professor gave me a few years ago that I really enjoyed writing about. It's something very simple, yet able to be taken in many different directions. Without further ado, the very first spark of WSS is . . .

 You can take this spark anyway you want. You can write story, a poem, a short paragraph--anything! Be creative and have fun!
You can check out my response to this spark down below. (I wrote this back in 2015, but I took some time to re-evaluate and edit it to meet my current writing style)

Miranda Kulig
I am a fraction of creation. An insignificant one of thousands. A menace, to most.
But I see far more than you ever will.
Blue surrounds me in all directions, its vast color interrupted every so often with a brilliant tuft of white. The wind is strong today; it beckons for me to follow, so I stretch out and let it take me.
Down below, bright green grass rushes like a surging wave, suddenly cut off by a hard strip of asphalt. Colors fall in line in opposite directions—blue, and white, and green, and red. Their wheels take them down the black path that offers no chance for freedom. Rather than racing carelessly throughout their surroundings as the usually do, the now pathetically-tiny giants in their moving colors follow the black path of order and monotony.
I leave the playful wind for a moment and grip a wire near the road. Sunlight beats at the colors and gleams against their windows, their wheels inching forward every so often to nearly kiss the backs of the others. Inside, the giants seem small and powerless. My wild heart laughs at their captivity; and though to them I am nothing but weak and mindless, I know now that does not matter.
They, though strong, are captives of routine. 
I, however, am free.

Now it's your turn! Again, if you would like to share what you write please don't hesitate to e-mail me! You just might get a chance to see your writing featured on the blog! (You can e-mail me by clicking on the "Contact me" tab, or by simply emailing Or if your work is short enough, paste it in the comments below!

What do you think about WSS and the new look of the blog? Let me know down below! And keep an eye out for a new spark next Saturday!