The Best Teas to Drink While Writing (because what kind of writer doesn't like tea?)

I love tea. I've loved it since I was a kid (although that was Chinese black tea that I would douse with two packets of sugar, so basically sugar water) But since then, I have expanded my options and have fallen in love with sooo many different flavors of this wonderful leaf-water.
And since a lot of writers seem to have a taste for tea, I thought it would be fun to share my top five favorites to drink while writing and their benefits!
If you don't like tea, I am sincerely sorry and my heart breaks for you. Maybe try one of these delicious flavors? Or add some kind of sweetener or milk?

**Disclaimer: All of the benefits of the teas listed here are not necessarily proven and should not be used as the sole treatment for medical issues!**

1. Chrysanthemum Tea
My sister got me this specific kind from Chicago, so I haven't actually had anything other than instant chrysanthemum tea. Still, I find it absolutely delicious!

Taste: This particular brand includes cane sugar, so this tea has a very light and sweet taste. It's very smooth and doesn't have a pungent aftertaste.

Caffeinated? Doesn't say.

Benefits: Chrysanthemum tea has been shown to give a calming effect, boost your immune system, and it helps prevent illness.

Why I love it: My favorite thing about this tea is that it is very smooth and refreshing and not bitter or sour like I've found other floral teas to be. And since it relaxes me, I love to drink it while writing!

2. Chocolate Mint Tea
I love peppermint tea, but when I saw chocolate mint tea at the store, I knew I had to have it! If you're a fan of peppermint tea and also a fan of chocolate, definitely try this.

Taste: I think the name is self-explanatory, but the peppermint aspect is definitely stronger than the chocolate. Still delicious, though!

Caffeinated? Yep! 40-60 mg.

Benefits: This is technically a black tea, and can help reduce stress, relieve asthma symptoms, and improve your digestion.

Why I love it: I love peppermint tea, so the added chocolate flavor is just delicious to me. I love drinking this while writing on a cold winter morning because the caffeine and peppermint give me a boost and help me focus.

3. Red Rooibos Tea
I accidentally discovered this tea at work. I had a terrible cold, and I was desperate for some hot tea. All I found was rooibos, so I decided to give it a try. And I swear, as soon as I took one sip, my entire body felt so much better! This tea is often referred to as the "African Healer," and if you try it, you'll know why. I swear by this when I'm sick!

Taste: Rooibos tea has a very strange yet refreshing taste. It's naturally a little sweet, and has an earthy, vanilla taste to it just like the box says. I'm not always the biggest fan of the smell, but I love the taste. The aftertaste is a little iffy, but still worth the cup in my opinion.

Caffeinated? Nope!

Benefits: Relieves headaches, insomnia, asthma symptoms, hypertension, and helps sinuses feel clear when sick.

Why I love it: This tea instantly makes me feel better when I'm sick, so it's my go-to when I need to get some writing done and don't feel like it.

4. Country Peach
I've always been a fan of iced peach tea, and now I'm a big fan of it hot, too! Celestial is my absolute favorite (to the point that I won't buy peach tea from any other brand.)

Taste: Like biting into a delicious, juicy peach. This tea is so flavorful and fruity! It's very smooth and doesn't leave a bad aftertaste.

Caffeinated? Nope!

Benefits: Great source of antioxidants, detoxifies the body, helps immune system, and aids in digestion.

Why I love it: Every so often I get a big craving for a fruity tea, and no other kind pleases me like peach! I find a lot of other fruity teas to be too sour or bitter, but this one truly tastes like I'm biting into a peach. It's especially delicious if you add a cinnamon stick! If you like fruity tea, I definitely recommend this one.

5. Cinnamon Tea
This has been a new concept for me. I used to find all kinds of tea that included "cinnamon spice" in the name, but there was something about the flavor that I just didn't like. But, I saw on Pinterest that soaking cinnamon sticks in hot water creates a delicious cinnamon tea that can be really good for you. Curious, I gave it a try. And I loved it.

Taste: Sweet and (obviously) cinnamon-y. The aftertaste was nothing like the aftertaste of other "cinnamon spice" teas. It's naturally sweet and delicious, although I do recommend stirring your mug every so often, as the flavor really settles on the bottom where the cinnamon stick is.

Caffeinated: I'm assuming no since it's literally just a cinnamon stick in water, but I could be wrong?

Benefits: Boosts brain function, aids in digestion, boosts immune system, and can relieve cramps.

Why I love it: I love, love, love cinnamon. I sprinkle it on my coffee, add it to pancakes, put it on ice cream, etc. So steeping a few cinnamon sticks in hot water is honestly just absolutely delicious to me. Not to mention it has a very soothing and comforting taste! I especially love drinking this in the morning or early afternoon when writing.

For me, there's nothing like settling down to write with a good cup of tea. No matter what flavor I choose, tea is a wonderful way to relax!

What about you? Do you like tea? Have you tried any of these flavors? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments! I'm always looking for new teas to add to my collection ;)