Writing Spark Saturday: Contest Reminder!

Contest is officially CLOSED! Thank you for participating!

Hey guys! This is a general reminder that the WSS Contest will be open for two more weeks until March 17th at 11:59 PM! For those who are unaware of the guidelines, you can check them out below!

WSS Contest Guidelines:

  • Pieces must be 200 words min, 1500 words max
  • Entrants MUST be subscribed to the blog in order to submit. If you aren't subscribed, you can do so on the left sidebar, or through the follow tab in the bottom right corner (desktop) or by scrolling all the way down to the Subscribe box at the bottom of the page  (phone or tablet)
  • Only ONE submission per person!

WSS Contest Prize:

The winner will receive their choice of a $50 gift card to ONE or $25 gift card to TWO of the following places:
  • Thriftbooks
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon
The winner will also have their piece featured on the blog and the opportunity to share links to their website, books, social media platforms, etc.

Contest Sparks:

(All of these photos were taken from pinterest.com. I do not own any of the images, texts, or ideas)

Spark #1: Sun

These are lyrics from Hometown by Twenty One Pilots, but when I saw this picture on Pinterest it sent a thousand other ideas through my head. I love it!

Spark #2: Detroit

I chose this simply because out of all the places in the world, it's the ruins of Detroit. MICHIGANDER AND PROUD.

Spark #3: Locket

I scrolled past the other day and absolutely loved it. I had to use it as a spark for this contest.

Again, submissions will be accepted for two weeks from today until March 17th, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 20th. Once you've written your piece, submit it down below!